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Create (200mg x 20 Caps)

Create Microdosify   Create – 200mg x 20 Capsules Increased Focus Increased Creativity Increased Mindfulness Mood Elevation Being More Present Euphoria Unleash the creator within and experience an explosion of creativity. Create by Microdosify is packed with 200 milligrams of Psilocybe cubensis that will have users feeling euphoria, mood elevation, and a burst of imagination. [...]


Focus (100mg x 5 Caps)

Focus Micodosify   These pocket size packets are great for taking with you on-the-go! With these sealable packets you won’t need to worry about bringing a big bottle along with you. Focus – 100mg x 5 Capsules High performance comes with a price and mental focus is it’s currency. Each day is a grind, from [...]


Microdosify Gummies

Microdosify Gummies Introducing our Microdose Gummies – the perfect solution for those looking to enhance their focus, uplift their mood, and experience a sense of euphoria. Each pack contains 20 delicious gummies, each with 150mg of microdoses carefully formulated to provide the ideal balance of cognitive and emotional benefits. Our gummies are made with high-quality [...]