Energized Whole Flower 5000 MG CBD Spray


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This Whole Flower CBD is an Organic Aqueous Fluid that comes from a patented superior extraction process that preserves the entire medicinal profile of the plant! Our CBD fluid contains less than 0.3% THC. 5000mg Whole Flower Cannabidiol fluid per 13.3 ml spray bottle.

It is energized: The formula was electromagnetically energized before bottling. The low frequency of our energized solution helps in the reception of compounds and molecules into the cells. It has a two-year shelf life. It is pressurized with nitrogen to keep the ingredients fresh. Note, however, that the contents could be affected by temperature. It is best you keep it at room temperature.

Extraction process:

Industrial hemp CBD isolate is what is majorly used for most CBD products seen today. When this hemp isolate is used some compounds are not included after the process is complete. Terpenes, essential cannabinoid, and compounds are neglected in this industrial hemp isolate process. However, our CBD makes use of a whole flower fluid for the extraction process and nothing else, this makes all compounds to be included and non neglected making sure the complete medicinal benefit is not tempered with. This process makes the bioavailability of our CBD very high. No heat, no additives , and no chemicals used in the process.

Directions of use

Our CBD Spray is made of organic ingredients; no additives and artificial flavors added. Each spray bottle contains 240 electromagnetically charged metered sprays for highest absorption available.

Each dose is 4 sprays inside the mouth. There are 60 doses in a bottle, and it lasts 30 days if you use it 8 sprays a day. The Mist is water-compatible. This helps the beneficial and important compounds get into the body stream faster, and have 100% absorption. The canister is made of aluminum with a food-safe barrier on the inside.





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